Owning a car in Bega provides the freedom and convenience you need to navigate the roads. However, to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition and ensure reliable performance, local automotive experts prioritise regular car checks and maintenance. Neglecting routine inspections can lead to unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and compromise your safety on the road. Lets delve into the most critical regular car checks every car owner should prioritise.

By dedicating a little time and attention to these essential maintenance tasks, you can extend your vehicle’s lifespan and enjoy worry-free driving.

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Our local automotive experts at Parts4 Bega can assist you in taking these steps:


Ensure all lights on your vehicle are functional, including head and tail lights, low and high beams, reverse and brake lights, as well as indicators for road signaling. Parts4 Bega recommends that you do not forget to check trailer or caravan connections.


Regularly inspect your tyre tread, especially if you plan on long-distance travel. Maintaining proper tyre pressure is essential to avoid blowouts and flats. Ensure there are no bulges, punctures, or foreign objects that could compromise tyre durability

Water, Oil, and Fluids:

Local automotive experts strongly suggest that you keep your vehicle’s fluids topped up. Regularly check coolant and oil levels. Pay attention to power steering fluid and brake fluid to ensure smooth operation.


Beyond fluid checks, inspect your brake pads for signs of wear, cracking, or overheating. Don’t take your brakes for granted; they are a critical safety component.

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Steering and Suspension:

Check wheel alignment, balance, and brakes to assess the condition of your steering and suspension. Look for excessive free movement when turning the steering wheel and inspect for sagging in the car’s body. Parts4 Bega can assist you with this if you are unsure.


Modern vehicles rely on electrical systems that strain the battery. Check the battery’s condition and lifespan, looking for cracks, acid leaks, or damages that may affect its functionality.

Air filter:

A clean air filter is essential for proper engine airflow, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Regularly inspect for dust, debris, and potential blockages.


Perform basic engine checks, including cleaning and inspecting leads. Consider a professional steam clean and advice from a local automotive expert at least once a year to maintain engine quality.


Clear vision is essential. Check your windscreen, windows, and mirrors. Ensure your washer bottle is filled with suitable washing liquid. Test the wiper blades for functionality and look for any damage or cracks.

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Engaging with your local automotive experts in Bega will help you maintain your car’s health and ensure it stays in optimal condition. Don’t hesitate to discuss these key areas with them to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the roads of Bega.

Parts4 Bega believes your safety and your car’s performance are our top priorities. Contact the team today with any questions you may have about your car!

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