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Parts4 Bega Company History

Parts4 Bega, initially known as AutoPro Bega, began its operations at the current Gipps Street location in January 1996. This venture was started by Dennis Love and Ted Ogier, former employees of REPCO, who identified the need for an alternative distributor of car parts and accessories in Bega. Opening under the AutoPro banner, Dennis and Ted soon realised that their decision to leave their previous employer and start their own business was a wise and rewarding one. The business thrived significantly over the next six years.

Parts4 Bega - Car parts Bega Valley Shire

In April 2002, Colin Parker purchased the business from Dennis and Ted. With the assistance of his son Steve and the continued expertise of Dennis, AutoPro Bega continued to grow and expand into the store we know today. Dennis remained with the business until his retirement in 2018. Around the same time, Colin sold the business to Steve and his wife Anne who carried on the AutoPro name for the next 5 years.

Due to growing demands from AutoPro, the store resigned from AutoPro (BAPCOR Group) in August 2023 and re-opened as Parts4 Bega – becoming the only truly independent spare parts outlet in the Bega Valley Shire.

The mantra of Parts4 Bega is to look after the locals – whether it be pricing policies on the parts and accessories they sell – or whether it be donating goods to the many worthwhile charities and fundraising events that support the local community.

Apart from keeping prices down, Parts4 Bega prides itself on being the best-stocked auto parts shop in the shire. “If you don’t have it – you can’t sell it” was a frequently used phrase by former owner Colin, and his son Steve has continued this philosophy. Steve has always recognised the need of the community to ‘keep the wheels turning’. Due to the area’s isolation, locals heavily depend on their vehicles for transportation and business activities. With few public transport options, a vehicle off the road can be not only inconvenient – but expensive in numerous ways too. The team at Parts4 Bega understands this and in most cases, if they don’t have a certain part in stock – they can get it into the store overnight.

With some distance between local townships and with limited courier options, Steve saw the need for an inexpensive and timely delivery service across the Bega Valley Shire. In 2007, the Red Rocket Courier Service began operations, delivering not only orders from AutoPro Bega and Parts4 Bega but also parcels and goods from other local businesses. This service has saved customers from making inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly trips into town to collect their goods. The Red Rocket Courier Service now delivers dozens of parcels and orders daily throughout the Bega Valley and also serves as an on-forwarder for larger logistics companies.


Parts4 Bega – The candy shop for motoring enthusiasts.

Steve Parker

Owner/Store Manager/Parts Interpreter

Steve commenced with the business as Marketing and Customer Service Manager in April 2002, bringing 15 years of sales, marketing and customer service experience from previous employers to the business as well as University qualifications as a Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing and Industrial Relations) from Charles Sturt University. With the retirement of his father Colin from the day-to-day running of the business in 2010, Steve was promoted to Store Manager which continues to this day. Colin sold the business to Steve and his wife Anne in May 2018.

Steve - Parts4 Bega

Parts4 Bega Team

Anne - Parts4 Bega

Anne Parker


Mark - Parts4 Bega

John Ganchov

Assistant Manager/Parts Interpreter

Mark - Parts4 Bega

Mark Allman

Parts Interpreter

Red Rocket Express Courier Service Staff

Peter - Parts 4 Bega & Red Rocket Express Courier Service

Peter Balcomb

Southern Rocket Delivery Driver

Brent - Parts 4 Bega & Red Rocket Express Courier Service

Brent Pearce

Northern Rocket Delivery Driver

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