Are you in the Bega area and in need of an auto parts store or oil and lubricants for your vehicle? Regularly checking your engine oil levels is crucial to prevent serious engine issues. After a few years of use, most vehicles, including those fresh from the showroom floor, may start consuming more oil. But fret not; as long as you stay vigilant about your oil levels, you can ensure your engine’s health. Wondering how to determine if your engine oil requires a top-up? The most straightforward method is to inspect the dipstick, a task you should perform at least once a week. This practice will help you stay proactive and avoid potential major problems.

Auto Parts Store: Additional indicators that your engine oil may be too low include:

  • – Illumination of the engine oil pressure warning light on your dashboard.
  • – Knocking sounds emanating from the engine during startup or while the vehicle is running.
  • – Overheating issues.
  • – A loss of power during operation.

If your oil level has dropped to the extent that these symptoms manifest, expensive damage may already be underway. Nevertheless, don’t worry; there are ways to replenish your oil and avert these issues.

To top up your engine oil, you’ll need the following, an Auto Parts Store can help you:

  • – A bottle of suitable engine oil (a 1L bottle should suffice).
  • – A funnel.
  • – Cleaning accessories.
  • – Gloves for convenience.


Auto Parts store engine oil pour

It’s worth noting that every engine has specific requirements when it comes to engine oil grades. You can typically find the correct engine oil information in your car’s owner’s manual. Alternatively, you can contact your local auto parts store in Bega, like us, for expert guidance. Once you have the right oil, it’s time to perform the top-up. If your vehicle has been running, allow a few minutes with the engine off to let the oil settle. Then, follow these steps:

  • – Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag or cloth. The dipstick is usually located at the front or side of the engine.
  • – Insert the dipstick all the way in, wait for a second, and then pull it out to check the oil level. Keep the rag in your other hand to catch any oil drips.
  • – Ideally, the oil level should fall between the full and low-level marks, neither above nor below.
  • – If the oil level is low, remove the oil cap and add a small amount of oil using a funnel. 
  • – Typically, you won’t need more than a litre. The scale on the side of the oil bottle will indicate how much you’ve added. Keep checking the level until it’s full.
  • – Once the level is correct, make sure to secure the dipstick and oil cap, and wipe away any spilled oil.

Maintaining the right amount of engine oil is essential for smooth engine operation and reducing wear and tear over time. In the long run, performing quick and simple oil checks will save you both time and money. And if you need auto parts or oil and lubricants, don’t hesitate to reach out to Parts 4 Bega for all your vehicle needs.